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Snake Pose: Embodying Flexibility and Energy Via Sarpasana

Key Takeaway

Snake Pose or Sarpasana affords a potent mix of power and adaptability, focusing on the backbone, chest, and shoulders with its elongating stretch. By participating on this asana usually, practitioners can expertise heightened vitality ranges, improved posture, and a profound sense of rejuvenation, making it a necessary addition to any yoga routine for holistic well-being.

Training yoga is a journey to create holistic steadiness in our bodily, psychological, emotional, and religious states. Sure yoga poses, like Snake Pose or Sarpasana, completely display this idea of steadiness in its capacity to stretch and strengthen the higher physique concurrently.

This intermediate heart-opening posture channels inspiration from a serpent’s smooth and fluid actions, embodying the creature’s magnificence and dynamism. It has a grounding impact because the decrease physique connects to the earth whereas permitting the chest to increase.

Put together to faucet into your interior resilience and beauty as we discover Snake Pose, cultivating a steadiness between exertion and leisure.

Watch our beneficial steps for getting into, holding, and exiting the pose.

Asana Insights: Sanskrit Identify, Type, and Symbolism

Sarpasana Overview

Sarpasana comes from the Sanskrit phrase sarpa, which means “snake” or “serpent.”

We classify Sarpasana as a heart-opening posture in a inclined place (mendacity on the abdomen). Technically, this asana is an intermediate development of Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose, as an unsupported backbend — which means you don’t use help out of your arms or arms to raise your higher physique from the ground.

Serpent Symbolism

Some cultures view snakes as harmful or sinister. In yoga mythology, nevertheless, we view serpent vitality as a robust pressure for transformation. The image of a coiled serpent represents Kundalini vitality in yoga.

In Sarpasana, your legs keep grounded on the ground whereas your higher physique rises, exhibiting energy and power. While you apply this asana, you faucet into your dormant vitality and create the intention for transformation, shedding your limitations simply as snakes shed their pores and skin.

Snake Pose: Step-by-Step Apply Directions

Sarpasana is one in every of many variations of the extra widespread Bhujangasana. It begins in the identical inclined place, however the steps fluctuate barely. Observe these step-by-step directions to attempt Snake Pose as an alternative choice to Cobra.

Beginning Place

  1. Lie down in your abdomen. Start along with your arms at your sides, palms up. Your legs needs to be barely separated, not more than hip-width distance, with the tops of your toes urgent into the ground.
  2. Carry your brow to your mat to align your head along with your backbone.
  3. Attain your arms again and interlace your fingers. Attempt to squeeze your palms collectively, making one fist along with your arms.

Raise Off

  1. Press your navel towards your backbone to have interaction your core muscular tissues. On the similar time, squeeze your glutes and press the tops of your toes into the ground to have interaction your leg muscular tissues.
  2. Inhale and use your core and again muscular tissues to raise your chest, shoulders, and head off the bottom.
  3. Hold your arms straight as you attain them behind you. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively, opening your chest.
  4. As you rise, give attention to elongating your backbone. Attain the highest of your head ahead to keep away from compressing the again of your neck.
  5. Hold squeezing and lifting, holding the place for 3 to five breaths.

Returning Down

  1. Exhale slowly as you gently decrease your self again to your beginning place.
  2. Launch your arms and allow them to relaxation at your sides, palms going through up.
  3. Flip your head to 1 aspect, permitting your physique to loosen up absolutely.

It’s important not simply to drop down but additionally to manage this motion. Use your complete size of your exhale to decrease down slowly. This breath consciousness will aid you bear in mind to maneuver mindfully and forestall potential harm.

Snake Pose Alignment Suggestions for Freshmen

Sarpasana is an intermediate posture as a result of it requires appreciable again power. That doesn’t imply that freshmen shouldn’t attempt it — simply hold your give attention to exact alignment to apply safely.

  • Use correct muscle engagement: Not like Cobra Pose, which makes use of your arms to assist raise your chest, Sarpasana depends extra in your again and core muscular tissues. Moreover, your legs and glutes needs to be working. This can be a full-body asana!
  • Hold your head and neck aligned: Keep away from compressing the again of your neck by holding your gaze ahead relatively than wanting up. Think about a string pulling the crown of your head ahead and as much as hold the size of your cervical backbone.
  • Press your shoulders down: As you squeeze your shoulder blades collectively, keep away from letting your shoulders scrunch up round your ears. This cue can even aid you keep the size of your neck.

Should you’re model new to yoga, I like to recommend mastering much less intense variations like Cobra Pose first and training underneath the supervision of a professional yoga teacher.

Distinction Between Related Postures

To a newbie’s eye, Sarpasana carefully resembles Bhujanganasa (Cobra) and Salabhasana (Locust). They’re all backbends carried out in a inclined place, however they’re distinct variations. Right here’s how a newbie can spot the distinction between these comparable poses.

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra): Legs keep grounded; arms press into the ground; arms are bent.
  • Salabhasana (Locust): Legs raise; arms attain again; choice to clasp the arms collectively.
  • Sarpasana (Snake): Legs keep grounded; arms attain again with arms clasped.

While you research the nuances between comparable yoga poses improves your physique consciousness along with your yoga data. Remember to try our detailed guides for every pose talked about right here!

Snake Pose Contraindications

Training Sarpasana can supply many advantages. Nonetheless, it won’t be secure for everybody. Should you expertise any of those points, you need to use a modification or another posture.

  • Extreme again or shoulder accidents: In case you have persistent ache or a latest harm, it’s greatest to skip Snake Pose till you’re absolutely recovered and cleared by your physician for apply.
  • Latest belly surgical procedure: This asana stretches the entrance of your physique, so you will need to obtain a health care provider’s approval earlier than attempting Sarpasana after any points in your stomach.
  • Hernia: Whether or not in your again or stomach, training Sarpasana with a hernia may worsen your situation. Seek the advice of along with your physician earlier than trying any inclined or back-bending yoga poses.
  • Being pregnant: This asana places important stress on the stomach. So, for those who’re within the 2nd or third trimester of being pregnant or have not too long ago given delivery, skip Sarpasana till you seek the advice of your physician.

Hearken to Your Physique

An important security recommendation for any asana is straightforward: take heed to your physique.

Ache means you need to cease or modify the pose. There are all the time alternate options or modifications that may present comparable advantages with out risking harm. Discovering a cushty modification made all of the distinction in sustaining my apply safely.

Modifications Utilizing Yoga Props for Snake Pose

If your shoulders are tight, simply reach your arms back as you lift your torso.If your shoulders are tight, simply reach your arms back as you lift your torso.

Modifications and props aren’t only for freshmen! Utilizing props to help your yoga apply could make a giant distinction, even for skilled yogis. Listed here are some concepts to assist make your Sarpasana a bit extra comfy.

  • Blanket or towel: Use a folded blanket or towel beneath your hips and pubic bone for further cushion.
  • Strap: If tight shoulders forestall you from clasping your arms, use a strap as a substitute.
  • Cushion or bolster: Place a small cushion or bolster underneath your stomach for further decrease again help as you strengthen your muscular tissues.
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lululemon’s The Stretching Strap

Advantages of Training Snake Pose

Sarpasana is a transformative posture—common apply leads to many advantages for each your physique and thoughts.

Bodily Advantages

  • Spinal well being: While you apply Sarpasana usually, you stretch and strengthen your backbone, resulting in enchancment in your vary of movement.
  • Higher posture: The main target of this pose is spinal extension, which might help reverse the impact of sitting hunched at a desk all day and enhance posture.
  • Respiratory enchancment: Sarpasana opens the chest and stretches the intercostal muscular tissues, giving your lungs extra room to increase.

Holistic Makes use of

  • Digestion assist: Mendacity in your tummy on this posture stimulates your belly organs and will increase blood move to the realm, selling environment friendly digestion.
  • Power increase: While you stretch your backbone in poses like Sarpasana, your prana flows freely alongside the nadis or vitality channels, creating an energizing impact.

Psychological Advantages

  • Focus and focus: Snake Pose requires detailed consideration to alignment, muscle engagement, and breath. It boosts your psychological focus and brings your consideration to the current second.
  • Stress reduction: This asana not solely releases bodily rigidity that contributes to emphasize, however it additionally calms your thoughts. Deep respiration prompts your physique’s leisure response and helps you’re feeling extra grounded and relaxed.

To attain the very best outcomes and see enchancment in essential areas, attempt to incorporate Snake Pose into your yoga routine a number of instances per week.

Integrating Snake Pose into Your Yoga Apply

As with every backbend, Sarpasana requires considerate preparation and purposeful leisure to get essentially the most out of the pose.

Warm up your spine with a few round of Cat and Cow Stretch before Snake Pose.Warm up your spine with a few round of Cat and Cow Stretch before Snake Pose.

Heat-Up Sequence

Earlier than progressing to Snake Pose, ensure you heat up correctly, taking time to mobilize your backbone.

I desire to start with a couple of rounds of Cat and Cow stretches, then transfer on to Cobra Pose. Beginning my apply with this strategy considerably enhances my flexibility all through the session. It permits my physique to ease into deeper bends with out pressure.

Counterpose Stability

After training Snake Pose, give your physique an opportunity to loosen up with a couple of counterposes. Select asanas that stretch your higher again, like Rabbit or Little one’s Pose. These postures present an ideal steadiness to the spinal extension required from Sarpasana.

Snake Pose is a exercise on your complete physique, so incorporating these enjoyable postures is essential to stopping soreness the next day.


Sarpasana, or Snake Pose, affords an exquisite alternative to attach with the physique, breath, and thoughts on the mat. You may discover the depths of this rejuvenating asana by following the steps outlined right here and syncing every motion along with your inhale and exhale.

I encourage you to embrace Snake Pose in your apply. Let it’s greater than only a posture; let it symbolize resilience and progress. Keep in mind that yoga is a private journey, so be at liberty to discover various poses and modifications that fit your capacity and luxury stage.

As we proceed our research of yoga, let’s embrace the transformative energy of poses like Sarpasana, inviting power, flexibility, and interior peace into our apply and lives.

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

In Snake Pose, your legs raise off the bottom.

Snake Pose might help enhance posture.

The arms stay grounded in Snake Pose.

Often Requested Questions

How can freshmen guarantee correct alignment in Snake Pose?

Freshmen ought to give attention to elongating their backbone, participating their leg muscular tissues, and gently lifting by means of the chest to realize correct alignment in Sarpasana.

Can I exploit props to change Snake Pose?

Sure, props like a folded blanket underneath the hips or holding onto a strap might help keep alignment and help this asana.

What are the advantages of training Snake Pose?

Snake Pose strengthens the backbone, opens up the chest and shoulders, enhances flexibility, and might enhance posture over time.

What are some contraindications for training Snake Pose?

People with latest or persistent again or shoulder accidents, latest belly surgical procedure, and pregnant ladies ought to keep away from training Snake Pose with out skilled supervision and a health care provider’s approval.

How can I combine Snake Pose into my yoga apply successfully?

Start with foundational poses to heat up your physique earlier than transferring into deeper backbends like this one, and end with counterposes that launch any rigidity created throughout the apply.

Thanks on your suggestions!

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