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Rafael confirms first operational use of Spike Firefly drones

Israeli protection contractor Rafael has introduced the primary operational use of its Spike Firefly drones, also called “Moaz”.

The deployment, which occurred a yr in the past, showcases the modern capabilities of this loitering munition system.

“This superior system exemplifies Rafael’s dedication to innovation, offering distinctive capabilities that guarantee unmatched precision and reliability,” the corporate acknowledged.


The Spike Firefly is a loitering munition designed as a small unmanned aerial automobile (UAV) in a helicopter configuration, outfitted with twin coaxial counter-rotating rotor blades. Weighing solely three kilograms, the drone is very versatile and will be tailored for numerous missions.

The drone options an electro-optical statement system with a thermal imaging channel, permitting it to function successfully in numerous environments. It may be armed with both a 350-gram fragmentation warhead or a formed cost warhead, relying on the mission necessities. The Spike Firefly gives a flight endurance of 15 to half-hour, decided by way of one or two battery packs.

As famous by the corporate, the Spike Firefly drone has redefined operational ways with its potential to loiter over targets and ship exact strikes. Its compact measurement and light-weight design allow speedy deployment and suppleness within the discipline, making it a useful asset for contemporary army operations.

Israel’s army use of the Spike Firefly drone system to find and neutralize terror cells within the Gaza Strip. This deployment demonstrates the drone’s operational effectiveness in real-world eventualities, offering a vital software for counter-terrorism operations.

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