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Prodigy Season 2’s Time Journey Defined as Merely as Doable

And we’re not even carried out with the primary season. 

However to proceed: the ship that went to Solum to interact in First Contact was the united statesS. Protostar, commanded by Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran). After First Contact, the Protostar flew by way of a wormhole that deposited it 52 years sooner or later, the place it subsequently witnessed the devastating results of the Solum civil struggle. The Diviner captured the Porotstar and armed it with the Dwelling Assemble — a virus that causes Federation ships to routinely assault one another — hoping to ship it again to its unique time and forestall First Contact. Chakotay as an alternative despatched the ship again 52 years by way of the time gap, and intention it out right into a random spot in area. 

The Protostar landed close to the mining colony the place Dal and his pal have been imprisoned, and that is the place “Prodigy” begins. The primary season ended with the Protostar children overcoming the Diviner, uncovering his plan, and returning to Federation area. 

Chakotay, nevertheless, was nonetheless stranded 52 years sooner or later. Initially of the second season of “Prodigy,” the real-life Janeway units off on a rescue mission in a brand new ship, the Voyager-A. Dal and co. are actually Starfleet trainees, and are allowed to return alongside. Janeway explains to the viewers that the time gap Chakotay flew by way of remains to be on the market in the identical location, however that it is unstable and should collapse quickly. She has to work quick. 

Additionally, and that is notable, time strikes ahead on the identical fee on the opposite aspect of the wormhole, so if an hour passes within the current, an hour additionally passes 52 years sooner or later. Chakotay has been within the Diviner’s future jail for some time. 

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