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Plavini Pranayama: Steps, Advantages and Precautions

plavini pranayama - the floating breath

The way in which we deal with our physique and thoughts is the best way they deal with us. To be able to get a nice response from our physique, we first want to offer the identical degree of affection to it.

One of the simplest ways to point out affection to your physique is to offer it the privilege of being free, the best way it desires to be & expertise the issues that aren’t sure by our restricted imaginative and prescient or understanding.

This privilege may be rightfully given by working towards ‘Plavini Pranayama’.

Now, you’d ask, “what is kind of completely different about this pranayama?” and this query is completely relatable because the richness and vastness of our pure science of Yoga is past measure.

What makes ‘Plavini’ completely different from different varieties of Pranayama is its simplicity together with consideration it calls for.

What’s Plavini Pranayama?

Plavini Pranayama is a technique to control the Prana (Life Power) in such a method that may make a practitioner’s physique mild sufficient to drift on water like a leaf. Because the physique will get lighter by filling the air within the abdomen like water, the gravitational impact stays undetected.

It’s an historical strategy of breath regulation, which is one amongst 8 Classical Pranayamas talked about in Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Really, The Sanskrit time period ‘Plavini’ is made up of root phrase ‘Plu’ which implies ‘Trigger to drift or swim’. By including Pranayama into it, Breath (air) turns into the reason for float & thus it’s known as plavini pranayama.

The primary concept behind working of Plavini is swallowing air like water (a fluid). Additional, this fluid when enters into the physique, helps the physique to achieve its pure form and get the flexibility to levitate.

On this pranayama, the individual consumes the air as one consumes water which makes the abdomen a bit bloated & develops a sense of being float over the water floor.

When air enters your abdomen along with your acutely aware effort, it’s important to make it keep there for so long as potential. On this stage, when the abdomen is stuffed with air, a sound of weird tympanic (drumlike verberation of a cavity stuffed with air) produced on tapping abdomen.

The way to Do Plavini Pranayama?

chin lock in plavini pranayama

Learners suggested to carry out plavini pranayama in meditative sitting postures to extend the breath-holding capability of lungs initially. Additional, after lengthy apply, skilled one can carry out it both in standing or laying down postures.

Some instance of meditative sitting postures for plavini is Padmasana, Vajraasana, Sidhasana. When Whereas to get the utmost advantages out of it, Shavasana thought of the very best apply to emulate it.

Steps to Carry out Plavini in Sitting Pose [For Beginners]

Put together your self for plavini with the next steps.

  • Begin with positioning your self both in Padmasana, Siddhasana or in Vajrasana. Be certain out of your again, neck, and head aligned in a single straight line and your consciousness is targeted on the center of eyebrows to go deepen within the apply.
  • Shortly, chill out your shoulder, stomach muscle groups and let respiratory develop and contract it freely. At this second, watch your regular respiratory to conversant in the frequency of respiratory out and in.

Start Plavini Pranayama with the next steps:

  • Now take a deep breath in via nostrils and let it fills your lungs and stomach consecutively. Increase your chest right here to extend your inhalation restrict. Keep in mind to not put a lot stress in your coronary heart.
  • After full inhalation, make Jalandhar Bandha (Chin to chest lock) to carry the air inside your stomach as per your capability. Holding will let retained air fills into the gut and thus leading to inflated stomach organs. (Additional, these inflated organs will increase the buoyancy of the physique to drift over water).
  • Now launch Jalandhar Bandha by bringing your head up and slowly expel the maintain air from the stomach via your nostrils.

That is one spherical of Plavini. Repeat on this method for five instances.

Steps to Carry out Plavini Pranayama in Shavasana

The very first step earlier than beginning any type of exercise is to decide on an acceptable and cozy atmosphere.

  • Take a mat and lay down in your again along with your arms and foot resting at 45 levels (Shavasana).
  • Begin respiratory out and in in a really enjoyable method with out placing a lot stress in your coronary heart.
  • Make your lips just a little rounded and begin swallowing breath out of your mouth to the stomach such as you ingesting the water. It would let your stomach muscle groups exit and it seems to be like a balloon stuffed with air.
  • Maintain the air inside your abdomen so long as potential. Retained air inside your abdomen makes you lighter in weight and thus physique buoyancy will increase.
  • Exhale all of the air out, chill out and wait until your navel chakra sends you a sign.
  • Inhale, when you obtain the sign.

That is 1 full spherical of plavini. Repeat on this method for five extra instances.

Advantages of Plavini Pranayama

One can expertise following superb advantages when mastering this method of pranayama:

  • In plavini, an individual fills the stomach with air. This air could make a individual survive with out water and meals for a number of days.
  • This pranayama improves the blood circulation and helps the physique to flush out the collected toxins.
  • It’s a panacea for swimmers to drift over water for a very long time. Yogi Sivananda can float on water for twelve hours at a stretch on mastering the plavini pranayama.
  • As plavini additionally known as cleaning respiratory, it removes impurities and toxins from our physique by producing immense power via retained air within the abdomen.
  • Plavini additionally helps an individual to really feel lighter because it smoothens the airflow and therefore relaxes the mind cells.
  • When breath will get maintain on the abdomen for a protracted interval, It helps in digestion and eliminating constipation.
  • Helps improve the power ranges of your physique and provides a vital improve in your age.

Plavini Pranayama Precautions

  • Be certain to not exceed the capability of your breath-holding capability. The capability of holding breath varies from individual to individual and novices shouldn’t push their restrict.
  • Apply plavini pranayama on an empty abdomen or 5-6 hours after a meal.
  • There shouldn’t have any obstruction whereas taking air via nostrils to the abdomen.
  • As it’s a apply which wants good management in your breath, it is extremely necessary to be practiced beneath skilled steerage.

Contraindications for Plavini Pranayama

Keep away from doing plavini in following circumstances:

  • Individuals having any coronary heart issues and hypertension shouldn’t apply it, because it requires nice consideration of respiratory organs.
  • In case of hernia and hydrocele, keep away from doing it. Breath-holding can impose stress on it.
  • When you’ve got any power illness or medical situation, do seek the advice of your physician earlier than working towards it.


In all, Pranayama is a good way to get management over your breath and thus on the flattering ideas sample of thoughts.

Within the sequence of 8 historical pranayamas, plavini is the best approach to really feel bodily and mentally mild.

It’s extremely possible as it may be achieved within the consolation of your property and requires the least area. The one instrument required is air, which is supplied by mom nature in abundance.

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