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No Weight Bearing Morning Yoga Apply

If you’re experiencing any ache or discomfort in your wrists, or simply need to give them a break, you’ll be able to nonetheless get your morning yoga observe in.

This 15 minute stream has no downward canines, planks, desk tops and many others. which can be carried out on the fingers.

You additionally don’t want any props for this all ranges stream.

1. Spinal Twist – Start sitting cross legged, with the precise shin in entrance of the left. Roll the shoulders down. Lengthen via the crown. Carry the left hand to the precise knee. And proper fingers behind you. Rotating chest to the precise. Then repeat to the opposite aspect.

2. Head to Knee Fold – Straighten and prolong the left leg out, with the precise foot contained in the thigh. Rotate the chest in direction of the left knee. Preserve the leg engaged. Preserve a flat again. Extending and folding towards the left leg. Then spherical into the again, bend knee as wanted in a passive fold. Repeat to the opposite aspect.

3. Half Solar Salutations – Come to face on the prime of the mat. Inhale fingers up. Exhale fold all the best way down. Inhale, half raise with a flat again. Exhale fold down. Reverse again up on inhale. Bringing fingers to the guts.

4. Excessive Lunge – Step the left foot again. Bending generously into the again knee. Tucking the tailbone. To accentuate, open the arms up into cactus form and add a delicate again bend.

5. Pyramid Pose – Step the again foot in a bit, so to floor the left heel down. Spinning the again heel in and toes out at 45 levels. Inhale to raise and lengthen. Exhale to hinge and fold parallel to the bottom. Then rounding down as wanted. Maintain for a pair breaths. Push into the ft to raise up.

Repeat 4 and 5 via on the opposite aspect.

6. Warrior 2 – Standing on the prime of the mat once more, step the left foot again. Spinning the again heel down, foot parallel to the quick fringe of the mat. Bend deep into the precise knee, pushing it open. Squeeze the shoulder bladed behind you, with palms up and elbows in. Preserve this squeeze via the shoulder blades as you straighten the arms, then flip the palms to face down. Reverse the left hand down and proper hand up.

7. Broad Legged Ahead Fold – Straighten the precise leg. Flip the toes in so each ft are parallel to the quick edges of the mat. Fingers on the hips. Inhale to raise up, exhale to fold down. Inserting the fingers wherever you want. Let go of the strain within the neck and head heavy.

After lifting up, flip the left toes to the again of the mat and repeat Warrior on the opposite leg.

These poses come from a 15 minute morning yoga class on my channels.



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