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Dhyana Mudra (Gesture of Meditation): The way to Do, Advantages

dhyana mudra
Picture Supply: Canva

Dhyana isn’t a straightforward observe, so to help the thoughts on this course of, we observe Dhyana Mudra in yoga.

Dhyana Mudra is a well-liked hand mudra practiced throughout meditation to domesticate a way of stillness of thoughts. It’s carried out by inserting the precise hand over the left hand becoming a member of each thumbs ideas diagonally.

This hand place helps in focus and balances the twin nature of the thoughts as a result of all 5 parts (Panch Tatva) meet collectively in it.

Tatra pratyaya-ikatānatā dhyānam

When there’s an uninterrupted stream of ideas and consciousness, the Dhyana (meditation) arises.

~ Yoga Sutra of Patanjali [Chapter 3. Verse 2]

That means

Dhyana could be higher understood by lighting up on its root phrases ‘Dhi‘ and ‘Yana‘. The method of pondering or perceiving is known as ‘Dhi‘ and ‘Yana‘ is the automobile or observe of transferring.

Fashioned by the phrases dhi and yana, Dhyana merely means the observe of correctly suppose or understand. Dhyana is one in all eight limbs of yoga outlined by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.

Dhyana Mudra means a symbolic gesture of the frame of mind in meditation that’s depicted by the form of a triangle made utilizing fingers and fingers.

For seated meditation, Gyan mudra is equally highly effective as Dhyana Mudra however its results on the mind are extra calming and concentrated. It improves the standard of the thoughts to research and heal.

In Buddism, it’s believed that it was practiced by Gautama Buddha throughout his meditation for the enlightenment course of beneath the bodhi tree. Nonetheless, earlier than Buddha, Yogis practiced it to deepen the notice in meditation.

Symbolic Illustration

dhyana mudra representation
dhyana mudra illustration. Picture Supply: Canva

Within the Buddist side, the triangle shaped by becoming a member of thumb ideas in Dhyana Mudra represents the three jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, Sangha (neighborhood), and dharma (Good legislation).

Moreover, the precise hand signifies information, knowledge, and consciousness and the left-hand represents the fantasy of existence on this world. When the precise hand is positioned over the left hand in Dhyana Mudra, it represents the dominance of data and consciousness over the illusions created by the world.

It additionally signifies the stability of dualities (photo voltaic and lunar vitality, cold and warm, masculine and female energies) within the physique. The entire gesture signifies the stability of all the weather and soul.

The way to Do Dhyana Mudra

how to do dhyana mudra practice
Picture Supply: Canva
  • Sit in a snug yoga pose corresponding to Sukhasana or Padmasana. Ensure to maintain your backbone straight.
  • Relaxation your left hand on the lap, palm going through upwards.
  • Now, place the again of your proper hand over the left-hand retaining fingers aligned to one another and stretched absolutely.
  • Then, contact the tip of the thumbs of each fingers collectively. This may kind a triangle like construction together with your fingers and thumb.
  • Now, gently shut your eyes and take deep and sluggish breaths.
  • Maintain this hand place unmoved for no less than Quarter-hour. As soon as you’re executed, open your eyes slowly after which launch the mudra easily.

One other Model

Dhyana mudra could be carried out with somewhat variation. On this variation, the sitting posture is identical as above, however the place of the hand is barely totally different.

  • Curl the index finger to the touch the tip of the thumb. It would make a circle like Gyan Mudra’s fingers, do that with each fingers concurrently.
  • Now, retaining the palms upwards, put left hand on the lap and right-hand palm over left hand’s palm (three fingers aligning to one another).

That is the alternate methodology of finger association. The remainder of the method stays the identical as above.

Further Ideas

  • Whereas holding fingers in Dhyan Mudra, one can Chant OM for higher focus. This may take consciousness to a deeper degree.
  • It’s best to carry out this mudra along side the pranayama. This may enhance the standard of meditation.

It’s all the time most well-liked to carry out this mudra within the morning time, with a contemporary thoughts. Nonetheless, When you face any issue performing it within the morning, you possibly can carry out it at some other hour of the day.

Attempt to carry out Dhyana Mudra no less than 45 minutes a day. When you really feel it tough to do in a single sitting, you possibly can carry out it 3 occasions a day (10-Quarter-hour every session).

Advantages of Dhyana Mudra

  • Because the identify suggests, Dhyana mudra is specifically designed to deepen the degrees of meditation. Consequently, it is vitally useful within the religious journey.
  • Whereas training this mudra, the left and proper elements of the physique, in addition to the mind, are energetic. Because of this, the observe of Dhyana Mudra brings stability between the left and proper areas of the mind, in addition to, the physique.
  • This mudra brings calmness and leisure to the thoughts. Thus, it reduces damaging feelings corresponding to anger, anxiousness, despair, stress, and so on.
  • Furthermore, this mudra stimulates the Ida and Pingla Nadis (astral channel) of the physique. This makes you attentive and centered.
  • When one practices Dhyana Mudra usually, it retains him/her away from all of the bodily and psychological sickness.


Dhyana mudra is a strong and transformative observe that aids in meditation, enhances focus, and promotes internal peace. Its wealthy symbolism and historic significance make it a significant gesture for practitioners throughout numerous religious traditions. By incorporating dhyana mudra into your every day meditation routine, you possibly can expertise profound advantages and progress in your path towards enlightenment and equanimity.

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